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psychology services for sport


Helping athletes deliver the extra 5%...


Sports psychology is a field that is growing rapidly.  There are well-established and evidence based benefits that psychology brings to the performances of sportsmen and sportswomen across an array of very different sporting disciplines.


These include how consistently an athlete delivers optimum performance, motivation, coping with pressure, and recovery from injury.  Athletes, coaches, teams, clubs & sports are increasingly finding these performance benefits invaluable, from grass roots to elite level.


  • Dr. Simon Petrie has wide ranging experience in elite sport, from target sports such as bowls, golf & shooting, to tennis, badminton, gymnastics, diving, track & field, sailing, swimming, rowing & racing, disability sport, and more team based sports including football, hockey & professional rugby

  • He uses evidence based models of applied psychology to help sports people reach their goals

  • As well as having worked within the sportscotland institute of sport for several years, he is part of the multi-disciplinary team behind the successful 'PFA Support: Mental Health in Football' initiative, and has wide ranging experience in professional football - including SPL and EPL athletes

  • He has worked all over the world, with Olympic medallists and World Champions, including athletes & teams who competed at the Olympics in London 2012, Rio 2016 & Tokyo 2020/1. He was part of Team Scotland at the 2014 Commonwealth Games in Glasgow and the 2018 Games in Gold Coast, Australia.


Simon also frequently works with elite sportspeople on the injury and health related issues that can occasionally arise for them. This includes helping athletes deal with & accelerate their recovery from serious, debilitating or career threatening injuries. To seek an appointment, please click here

psychology scotland
psychology scotland
psychology scotland
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