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Appointments with a CPP Clinical Psychologist usually last an hour. Longer appointments can easily be arranged, and are charged pro rata - just ask your Consultant.

You will be seen quickly - this is one of the key benefits to seeking private consultation rather than through the NHS. We do not currently operate a waiting list, and you will usually be offered an appointment within two to three weeks.


For the appointment venue, we use a number of different clinic spaces, in Stirling, Glasgow and Edinburgh. All are comfortable and private. In special circumstances home visits can be arranged.

Your first appointment with a Clinical Psychologist is really important. It will involve asking questions, listening, and finding out about the key issues that led to the meeting. All of our psychologists are very experienced and will do their utmost to put you at ease. The first appointment will usually conclude with the formulation of a plan, and an agreed way forward. Sometimes this will involve a number of further appointments, but this will always be an open discussion between you and the psychologist.

If you have any questions about this process, please just ask us! We are really open to being contacted, and as well as being experts in our field, we are all very approachable. You can contact us here, or leave a message by phoning our voicemail on 01786 611 499.

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