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psychology services to the legal profession


CPP have expertise in providing advice & consultancy, Expert Witness Services & medico legal reports across the range of legal contexts, which will give meaningful, accurate and evidence based opinion on the issues at hand. These include Personal Injury, Medical Negligence, Criminal, Professional Discipline & Regulation, Extradition, Immigration and/or Family Proceedings.


We are highly skilled in the provision of detailed Expert Reports covering a range of issues likely to impact on Trial and/or Disposal in the Criminal Courts. This can include: assessment of intellectual capacity, fitness to plead, personality disorder, learning disability, memory, or suggestibility.


We have significant experience of providing reports and expert evidence for Family Law and Child Care Proceedings. This includes assessment of parenting, parental alienation, and/or complex family dynamics relating to, for example, residency or contact arrangements.


We are experienced in the field of Personal Injury, and have provided numerous reports for assessment of psychological injuries following e.g. trauma. We also provide expertise to assist in proceedings before regulatory or disciplinary bodies, in addition to assessing personal injury in the context of Medical Negligence cases.

We frequently offer advice in a range of extradition and immigration cases, including providing expert reports on psychological aspects of complex Asylum and Human Rights claims.


We utilise a comprehensive assessment package, which includes the use of robust psychometric assessment tools, where appropriate, alongside structured Clinical Judgement. We operate with tight turnaround times. Following assessment, we aim to deliver completed reports within 14 to 21 days.


Professional fees are competitive. Please contact us to discuss the suitability of an instruction, or for further information.



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