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psychology services for business


As applied psychologists and business people, CPP understand the needs of the modern organisation uniquely well. We also understand the complexity of modern organisations, and the way in which the challenges and changes they often face can make success hard to come by and difficult to maintain. Psychologists can help. Through working closely with people, gaining a deep understanding of the issues, and applying evidence-based models in situ, we can help individuals & organisations cope, adapt, thrive and fulfil their potential.


With any assignment, providing return on investment to a business is fundamental. We work closely with all of our clients to ensure measurable benefits and demonstrable change. Examples of the services we offer are below:

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executive coaching


Supporting individuals in organisations to achieve success is a CPP specialism. We are hired for a variety of assignments, and will tailor a package to ensure it fits the individual, whether they work in the Boardroom or on the ‘coal face’.


The following types of issues lend themselves well to coaching:


  • leadership & leadership challenges, establishing or changing teams, moving between jobs or organisations, assistance in goal setting and/or strategic planning


We also offer personality profiling, talent assessment, and a unique 360 degree assessment service. 


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team effectiveness


As psychologists in business, we have many years experience of working with teams. As well as Boards of Directors and Senior Management teams, we have worked with integrated project teams, and teams heading up the engineering, procurement, IT, HR, & finance functions in large and complex businesses.


We can help assess and 'diagnose' the issues in a team, and offer clear and practical ideas and strategies for how to improve or sustain high performance. These tend to have a knock on effect in achieving better business outcomes, and improving the quality of team relationships. We offer the following:


  • team profiling & 360 assessment

  • facilitation of team strategy days

  • interventions for improving team dynamics & team performance 

psychology scotland
brand & marketing psychology


How strong is the brand of your business? How well do you communicate and engage with your existing customers, and what is your strategy for attracting new customers?


There is a significant body of research in the psychology of brand and marketing, and it pays for a business to invest in understanding what makes them and their products or services attractive (or unattractive!). Successful businesses tend to be the ones that, as well as understanding this, can proactively respond to their customers needs.


Psychologists from CPP have been involved in a range of interesting projects looking at the way businesses define, build, and leverage their brands. Using a unique marketing model, we can help your business communicate better and grow its customer base.


For enquiries for any of the above services, please contact us.

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