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a never-ending cycle of violence

I feel sickened by the continuing spiral of violence and death in the Middle East. As I watch the news today, more people are dying, men, women, children, and for what? It seems senseless, and with each further loss, this most complex and fraught of conflicts feels doomed to an even deeper chasm between the two sides, and the accompanying hardening of attitudes and beliefs, and cycle of hatred and killing.

Of course, the Israeli people have the right to defend their nation. Of course, they feel under threat – people are firing rockets into their towns and cities. They are a people with a tremendous resolve and determination ingrained into their identity and national psyche, for which I hugely respect them, but surely they are playing into Hamas’s hands by responding with violence of their own?

Perhaps I have a naive grasp of the politics of the region, but I do understand the psychology of humans. Violence always breeds resent, bitterness, hatred and more violence. I cannot see how this cycle will ever end without diplomacy, compromise, negotiation and communication. This has to come from both sides, and as far as I can see it won't happen as long as the violence goes on.

Yours in psychology,


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