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welcome to our business!

Hi everyone,

Can I take this opportunity to welcome you to this blog, and to our business. My plan is to get as active as I can on social media, and to routinely publish blog posts across platforms. And nothing too dull here, I promise.

You guys know that I’m a shrink. Over a twenty-year career, I’m lucky enough to have had exposure to a pretty diverse range of people and situations, in the NHS, in the corporate world, and in sport. I’ve done some interesting stuff, from working in psychiatric hospitals, to crawling around in warships or sitting on the flight deck of a 747 landing at Heathrow. Spectacular stuff. My current role, part time with the sportscotland institute of sport, will have me working intensively with athletes and sports before, during and after the Commonwealth Games in Glasgow. What a place to work, and what a time to work there. I couldn’t be more excited.

So in reflection, I have done quite a bit during my career to date, and when we set up the business, I wanted to create and build an organisation that reflects this breadth in the services it offers to clients. My goal is to create an organisation that can offer anybody expert psychological advice, support, help or treatment, regardless of their context. A psychology ‘one-stop-shop’, if you will.

How we communicate as a business, and as professionals, is important, hence I wanted to build a resource in this blog through which people can access some of the professional advice we offer, and get a feel for the kind of business we are.

I maintain that, at its core, psychology can help any individual. In business, this could be around a difficult strategic decision or important presentation, a forthcoming interview, a goal that needs better defined, or a relationship that requires improved. In sport, this could be about improving any aspect of performance, whether that is in an international competition, or simply in improving your mental approach to the monthly medal or addressing an area of your game with which you struggle. And of course with regard to health, this could be about a specific issue, of which there are many in general health that have a psychological component.

This blog will offer practical advice, and not academic theory (for which I have done my bit in the past). I hope to impart to you some of the more practical tools, tips and strategies that I use with the people I work with, and that I have picked up from them along the way.

Your help, as friends and connections, is hugely appreciated. Anything you read here that you find interesting, like it, share it or pass it on. This will help me ‘spread the word’, and open the ‘clinic’ doors to the world of psychology, that can sometimes seem like a mysterious dark art, but ultimately makes a huge difference to peoples lives.

Yours in psychology,


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